Just how tough are Tuff-Lites ?
Extremely Tuff. We have solved the two fundamental problems with broken turn signals. Typically, turn signals break because the stalks gets bent back and forth too many times, fatigue, then break. Or they take an catastrophic impact to the housing and lens. Our product has solved both of these problems. Tuff Lites incorporate a spring mounted stalk that can be bent through 180 degrees of motion, repeatedly, without any fatigue. And the housings are made of super thick ultra tough Polycarbonate, the same material as used in automotive headlights and race car windshields- they don’t break! Our Lites are made to last through whatever abuse you, and the terrain, can dish out.

Do I need a LED Flasher Relay?
When converting your turn signals from Incandescent to LED bulbs you will need an LED flasher. You can get away without it but the turn signals will more than likely have a fast flash rate. Our LED Relay Flasher will fix this.

Why do all four turn signals flash at the same time?
When running an all LED turn signal system we have found that the certain brands (KTM, Kawasaki, Suzuki) back-feed through the OEM indicator causing both sides of the turn signal circuit to flash. This wiring kit corrects this issue and allows you to run LED turn signals and still use your stock turn signal indicator that is located on the dash board.

What is the physical dimensions of the Tuff Lites?
The mounted length of the Tuff Lite is 3.75 inches x 1 inch diameter. They stick out far enough to be effective for others on the road to see, yet small and flexible to handle the tightest of trails.

How bright are these Tuff Lites?
They are extremely bright with a viewing angle of more than 55 degrees. As for a measurable brightness they are in the 250 Lumens range. We’ve heard nothing but great things from our customers regarding brightness. Many have claimed they are brighter than their stock turn signals.

Will these lights work on my bike?
Yes. As long as your bike is running a 12V DC system our Tuff Lites will work on your machine.

Are your Tuff Lites DOT compliant?
No they are not. However we’ve had no complaints, whatsoever, that our turn signals are not bright enough or are not visible in daylight.

How do I become an authorized dealer of Extreme Dual Sport?
Contact Tony at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. He’ll be able to answer your questions and get you set up.


Product Details

Our patent pending LED Ultra Tuff turn signals were designed by hard core off-road riders to handle the abuse of serious trail riding and will function when needed!